Pet Simulator 99’s Latest Auto Farm Script

If you’re a fan of Pet Simulator 99 and looking for an edge in the game, we’ve got some exciting news for you! There’s a new script available that includes auto farm, teleport, and auto collect methods, making your gameplay experience even more enjoyable and efficient.

This new script has been thoroughly tested and is confirmed to be working with the latest update of Pet Simulator 99. With the auto farm feature, you can now automatically collect resources and level up your pets without having to constantly click or perform repetitive actions. This not only saves you time but also ensures that you can progress faster in the game.

The teleport method in the script allows you to quickly move to different locations within the game. Whether you need to reach a specific area or want to explore new regions, this feature provides you with the convenience of instant travel, eliminating the need for manually navigating through the game world.

Additionally, the auto collect method ensures that you never miss out on valuable items or rewards. It automatically picks up items, coins, and other collectibles, preventing any chance of overlooking them during your gameplay sessions.

To access this script and enhance your Pet Simulator 99 experience, click here. If you haven’t played Pet Simulator 99 yet, you can find the game here. Get ready to level up your pets and dominate the game with these new features!


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